Rules for Kapray Kapray Kapray

  1. Post Guidelines: Describe your product(s) clearly in terms of usage, condition, wear and tear and any other important details along with price and real images in the main post. Make sure you are not posting any prohibited items.
  2. Pricing Policy: No approval without price. Prices should not be above current retail/ sale prices. Older models/ collections cannot be sold at current prices even if new. You are NOT allowed to increase the price once approved.
  3. Image Policy: Your post should have original and clear images from all angles. Any damages or wear and tear should be clearly visible. Do NOT use image of another seller or any screenshot of any website / page.
  4. Prohibited Items: Strictly not allowed to sell at Kapray Kapray Kapray:
    • Unsealed, fake, copy, dupe cosmetics, perfumes, toiletries, skin care
    • Used lenses, shavers or other such items with risk of expiry or health hazard
    • Vape & e-cigarettes
    • Alcohol and drugs
    • Prescription drugs, medicines, infant formula, multivitamins etc
    • Pets and open pet foods
    • Weapons
    • Automobiles and automobile parts
    • Business stocks, gift cards and vouchers
    • Give away (only books allowed)
    • Gold or gold jewellery
    • Currency and coins
  5. Allowed categories on Kapray Kapray Kapray
    a. Clothing ????
    b. Furniture ????
    c. Home décor ⚜️
    d. Household items ????
  6. We are not following Special Days at the moment
    • Clothing will be approved on Mondays and Tuesdays only.
    • Anonymous posts will be approved on Mondays to Fridays only.
    • Expensive/ Luxury items will be approved on Saturdays & Sundays only.
    • Gadgets, Phones, Laptops & tabs will be approved on Saturday & Sundays only.
  7. Liability Policy: KTS or it’s admins/mods are in no way responsible or liable for any scams or frauds as a result of your transaction. We request buyers and sellers to do their own due diligence and enforce necessary transparency protocols. Admins will not be able to offer personal assistance in case of a dispute however all involved parties will be allowed to post their story on the main group.
  8. Promotion Policy: Any kind of watermarks, page tags or external links will be considered as promotion and will lead to an immediate ban. If you wish to promote your business please drop a message on KTS page for our promotion package. Please note that leading people to your inbox is also considered promotion.
  9. Behaviour Policy: Be kind and courteous to fellow members. Any kind of bullying, trolling, schooling sellers on pricing or product, harassment or any action that makes another member uncomfortable will lead to an immediate ban. Sending friend requests to any member and sliding into their DMs will lead to a ban from the group.
  10. Selling Policy: You can only sell items that you personally own. Reselling stocks, stock clearing, cross-selling from other buy/sell groups or upselling an items after post approval will lead to an immediate ban. Sellers are advised not to hold/ reserve items beyond 24 hours without advance token.
  11. You will get banned if:
    • You are found selling/ reselling/ cross selling business stocks.
    • You are found upselling an item above mentioned price after your post is approved.
    • You are found promoting a business/ group/ page by any means.
    • You sell any of the prohibited items.
    • You are found using another members images.
    • You are found violating our behaviour policy in any way or make another member uncomfortable even in DMs.
    • There are consistent complaints reported against you by multiple members