Karachi Thrift Store, popularly known as KTS, is a community that aims to encourage eco-friendly lifestyle and sustainable consumption. KTS takes pride in promoting and normalizing the idea of thrift shopping and reusing in a highly consumption-oriented Pakistani society.

The platform brings together and connects people of all socio-economic backgrounds from all over Pakistan, and nurtures a community that enjoys and benefits from the idea of thrift shopping.

Evert since its inception, Team KTS has consistently strived to curate a homely community, where people can connect, interact and buy and sell items they do not need in a safe and transparent manner. At the same time we ensure that all communication and transactions are in line with Meta Community Guidelines and Facebook Buying and Selling policies.
As the community grows, we would like to extend our gratitude to our esteemed members for the overwhelming support, and welcome new members to become a part of the platform and benefit from it in this inflation-ridden economy.
Whether you want to liquidate something in your house for some quick cash, or you are looking to buy something that is beyond your purchasing power on the current retail prices, Karachi Thrift Store has it all sorted for you.
Once again, we are thankful for your support in this journey.
Happy Thrifting 

How it works:

  1. Take pictures of your owned product from all sides and in detail. Be fair about the condition of the product.
  2. Be open to negotiations regarding the product and get the product delivered after each party is satisfied.
  3. Please post reviews of the sellers according to the product to highlight those members who are active and helping the community.
  4. If a very valuable thing is being sold make sure to have a certificate of authenticity or some kind of originality confirmation.
  5. Please note that the Karachi Thrift Store will not bear financial responsibility of any discrepancies in a product being sold by a seller.
  6. Any counterfeits or illegal products listed will not be entertained and will lead to termination.

For complains, suggestions and business collabs, write us at KTS@MuhammadTeli.com