Thank you 100k members

Until a little before Covid struck us all, my primary professional identity was as a travel agent and a hotelier.

As the travel industry came to a halt and we all ended up in a lockdown, I missed the “Public Relations” part of my life, that kind of went away with the lock down. That was when instinctively created two communities on Facebook: Voice of DHA Karachi, and Karachi Thrift Store aka KTS.

The idea was to bring people together, encourage healthy human interaction, and curate an objective-oriented community that can benefit everyone.

While Voice of DHA Karachi was an instant hit, since it was a neighbourhood community and offered a platform for the residents to connect and discuss their issues – KTS was a tricky ride. The initial period was a slow progress but I believed we can make something big out of it.

Fast forward to year 2022, KTS saw phenomenal growth in terms of both quantitative and qualitative growth and engagement. From 20K to 100k the jump came within a period of few months.

Today as KTS celebrates its 100k member milestone, it’s truly a special moment for me as a founder. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my team who facilitated this growth — and more importantly the esteemed members who showed their trust in KTS and helped us make it what it is today.

Thank you so much for your overwhelming love and support.

Keep Thrifting ?

Muhammad Teli
Founder, Karachi Thrift Store

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